DCS RECORDS was born from an idea of 4 partners that  have a strong affinity for original music created in New Mexico.   Rhett Butler, Jonathan Anderson, Kris Shepard & RJ Butler, all co-owners of  Duke City Sound Stage in Albuquerque, have a strong belief that the talent in the NM Music Scene produces some of the best original music that can be found anywhere in the world. 

Opened in January of 2015, Duke City Sound Stage features a live performance space, rehearsal studios and a recording studio.  Armed with an idea and the passion of serving the local music scene by providing a facility that fosters a sense of community and inspiration, for artists and music lovers alike, the partners set out to establish a business that would help bring musicians and fans in the local community together.


The goal for the recording studio division of the business is to provide value to its clients by offering  quality recording (Audio as well as Video) at reasonable pricing.  Hoping to make the recording process easier to access by local talent, it became apparent to the partners that value based pricing for recording  is not enough to help local musicians get their music into media format.  Thus the formation of DCS RECORDS is a natural progression in the journey.

The record company seeks to help its artists promote themselves and their music in local and regional markets.  While gaining support for their original music DCS RECORDS helps the artist create a campaign in order to fund their recording project.  This format enables the musicians to record their music more efficiently in block schedules instead of a couple hours here and a couple hours there type process.  The result is a quality recording done in a timely manner.

At the end of the process the artist has an album that they own the copyright to, more fans, and the ability to promote their craft.

DCS RECORDS is proud to be involved with it's first group of artists - Leah Leyva & The Band, Five Mile Float, Rogues Beware, and The Gracies.  Please take a look their tabs on this website, read their bios, listen to clips of their music and support these young artists by pre purchasing their music & merchandise.  Even come out and check out either their Kick off event or Release event.

It is our hope that we can make a positive impact on the local music scene and all that participate in it!